Painting Emotions in Colour

Monika Wright

Monika Wright is an abstract artist who creates vibrant and inspirational expressionist paintings. Based in Nova Scotia, her award-winning artwork is exhibited in art galleries, private and corporate art collections.

Please visit the website often to see Monika Wright's latest paintings, created in her studio, for information about gallery exhibitions, studio events, and art workshops. You can also follow Monika on Instagram and Facebook. If you would like more information about how to purchase, or if you would like to arrange an exhibition at your gallery or venue, please contact Monika here.

monika wright artist
Monika Wright, SCA


"Art has the power to be transformative, to rearrange our vision of the world and create bridges to connect us, to lead us to a greater understanding of the world we share, and those we share it with. With organic shapes, fluid light, lines and circles, I am employing universal symbols of unity, wholeness and infinity connected by lines, representing the boundaries which separate us, but which also highlights our shared path. What we choose to see and believe will determine how we live, not just where we live. Let’s build the puzzle of our life on this planet with care and empathy."


Annual STUDIO TOUR – July 12-14

ART STUDIO OPEN HOUSE AND SALE – It’s a big one this year with SPECIAL OFFERS. July 12, 13, 14 from 10 to 5 daily. 25 Waterbury Lane, Upper Tantallon, NS

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