Annapolis Royal – Paint The Town

Every now and then it’s good to try something new, to challenge oneself to get a little squeamish and uncomfortable. Painting in front of people in crowds was one of those things. Been there done, done that. “That” was Art Battle. Next up: Paint the Town in Annapolis Royal. It was easy to say yes to fellow artists Fabienne Leydecker, Sarah Jane Conklin and Andrea Pottyondy. We were going up for a ‘girl’s weekend’, after all!

But on Saturday morning after a scrumptious breakfast at the Bailey House Bed and Breakfast, the work began in earnest. We set up our paints, brushes and canvases and started creating. The pressure was on…but not really. We painted, we chatted with people who wandered through the town to see the artists at work, we stopped to eat the lunch that was delivered to us (to make sure we didn’t stray from our painting duties!), and we kept painting…and painting…and painting. Whew. You might not realize it, but it’s exhausting. At about 4:30 we decided that this was going to be our LFP. I’m not going to spell it out for you. You’ll just have to guess. 🙂

(As it happens, I quite liked my LFP)

Throughout the day, volunteers came along to pick up and display our freshly created paintings on panels at the Legion where buyers could pay the gallery price, or wait until the auction started and bid on works. Fifty per cent of the proceeds went to the Paint the Town charity in support of local arts. I’m pretty proud to say that, over the two days and 15 or so paintings I contributed, all but 2 of them sold – a rather tidy contribution.

Below are a few of the works that were painted and sold at the 11th Annual Paint the Town in Annapolis Royal. Thanks to all the organizers, volunteers, artists and buyers who participated. It was utterly exhausting in the best possible way!

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