Our Water, Our World Exhibition

What better place to debut my latest exhibition showcasing the power and strength of WATER? Parrsboro, Nova Scotia is nestled on the beautiful Bay of Fundy, where the Atlantic Ocean delivers the world’s highest tides, where the force and speed of the current intrigues – and frightens – visitors to the area. 

Water sustains us physically and emotionally. I am surrounded by its soothing beauty; I swim and dive and kayak. I drink from the well and trust in its purity. But its strength and force deserves respect. It’s life-giving power is precarious as we ignore the dangers of an environmental crisis in the making. Its abundance and our history of easy access in most of Canada may be at risk, and certainly it hasn’t always been a matter of safe and easy access in all communities in our country. World wide, we see the damage that we are doing not only to the oceans, but to the entire planet. Water – oceans and lakes – are a resource we often take for granted in Canada.

We know, and yet we make excuses. This is Our Water, and it is Our World. We literally depend on its purity for the quality and sustenance of life. Let us be mindful. 

Please drop in to see the show at Art Lab Studios June 1-20, 2019. The gallery is located at 121 Main Street, Parrsboro, NS. Come for the day to enjoy show, drive along the rugged coastline to enjoy the scenery, sample delicious food, and the chat with friendly people! 

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