Wishing You All Peace, Love and Inspiration for 2018

Wishing you kindness in your daily lives, the circular kind where you receive it in abundance and pay it forward, where the attitude and gratitude spread like lupins in Springtime in Nova Scotia, endless kindness like the waves that crash upon the shore. Those are the images that surround me where I live and create my art. It is this place where I am grounded and the world I explore that inspires me. It is your love and support of my art that gives me strength. Making art can be a lonely journey, but you have invited me into your imagination and your hearts. Thank you for all you do to share your thoughts and feelings about my art, to those of you who have brought my creations into your own homes and lives. May you have an inspired year filled with peace, kindness and love. Happy Holidays and Dreams Come True in 2018.

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