monika wright painting on table

A New Studio Space Lets Me Make Bigger Art Works!

Finally, a great big space to spread out, make a mess and be playful. I’ve moved all my painting supplies and set up a new studio space and it feels so freeing to have everything newly organized in one big space. I’ve just received an order of 18 beautiful blank 4 foot by 3 foot canvases. It’s like dipping my finger into a fresh jar of peanut-butter when I was a kid! Oooh the pleasure and anticipation.

I’m going to make some great new pieces this fall, just in time for all the upcoming shows: Afterglow Festival of Art in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia on September 26th, Nocturne Art at Night in Halifax Nova Scotia on October 17th at the Atlantica Hotel; and the Crescent Hill Gallery in Mississauga with an opening reception for the show there from October 29 – November 19. I’m looking forward to seeing you all there to unveil some of the new works, and bring along some of the ones you’ve seen me post already. #abstractart #fineart #decorateyourlife #interiordecor #styleathome #canadianartist 

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