monika wright artist
Monika Wright, SCA


Canadian artist Monika Wright creates expressive abstract paintings that reveal dynamic elements of color nuance, of magical light that glows amidst the darkness, of brushstrokes that are both wild and gentle, conveying movement and mindfulness.

Leaving Toronto for a new life in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 2005, Monika rediscovered her passion for photography and painting. She developed a distinctive style, which lead to recognition locally and then internationally with artworks included in private and corporate collections throughout Europe, North and South America. Among her awards is the prestigious Mary Pratt Crystal Award, for the Canada 150 - 2017 SCA Exhibition.

Monika is represented by galleries in Canada and also participates in special exhibitions worldwide. Her work has been published in Arabella Art, Architecture and Design Magazine, in Literary and Medical Journals, International Women CelebrateEnroute MagazineExposureEchoes of Elizabeth Bishop, CBC Sharing the View, Arts Illustrated Magazine and The Breath of Life. 


Art has the power to be transformative, to rearrange our vision of the world and to lead us to a greater understanding of the world we share, and those we share it with. With organic shapes, fluid light and shadow, I create universal symbols of unity, wholeness and infinity. Art - the beauty and the rawness of it - connects us to one another. The meandering lines I paint are like the borders that separate us; they become bridges to the next steps we take, to the journey we take together. What we choose to see and believe will determine how we live, not just where we live. Let’s build the puzzle of our life on this planet with care and empathy.

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