Halifax Art Battle

Well it was a ride, a roller coaster of emotions ranging from exciting to sheer panic. The thought of creating a painting in front of a life audience, and doing it in 20 minutes – not 20 hours – was certainly a challenge. And it was also an incredible growing experience for me as an artist. It taught me to practice spontaneity and abandon, to trust my instincts and admittedly, let go of my mistakes.

I was completely stunned when my name was called in round one for Art Battle 47 because that meant I’d be continuing to paint later in the evening against the winners of the next two rounds. And, lucky me, I was announced the winner of Art Battle 47 at about 11 pm on the night of March 22nd, 2013. That put me in the next round, the finals for Nova Scotia on June 22nd. This picture was taken at the finals, where I painted in the first round again and had a blast. Mary Garaoutte was the final winner that evening. A big congratulations to her and best wishes for the next phase in Toronto!

Here are some pictures from the night. To all those who came out to see the ‘show’ and to support me, a great big ‘Thank You!’

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