"Inner Brilliance"


The past few years have been challenging for many of us. We’ve come to see and experience things we never imagined, and yet here we are still looking for ways to make life meaningful and joyful, to make a difference in one another’s lives and be healthy in mind, body, and spirit. Let’s be honest, that hasn’t always been an easy path to walk, but it’s the human condition and we carry on. Now more than ever, our pursuit of artistic expression becomes a beacon of resilience.

"Inner Brilliance"

Exploring how I navigate the complexities of the times, seeking to justify and discover joyful expression is a journey I continue to travel and thanks to all of you, I am not alone on that road. Creating art remains my place of solace when the world gets to me. Within the struggle, there lies an opportunity for expression. In my studio, online, at exhibitions and in galleries, I am sharing a slice of my personal experience with you, and when you respond, you open your hearts and your creative imagination to me. Those connections stem directly from the profound impact that art can make to our well-being and the collective consciousness. 

When I emerge from the studio, I know that it is my art that has transformed me, uplifted me, and I want that same transformative power to affect change in your lives. These past years have tested our resolve to be hopeful and uplifted in our dreams for the future. I hope that you can find moments of beauty, reflection and joy within the brushstrokes and stories that define our shared human experience. 

Wishing you moments of inspiration and the courage to explore the joy that art brings, especially in challenging times. 


Looking for inspiration for your art making? I’ll be doing a 3 day course that will ‘Jumpstart Your Creativity’ and give you techniques to move your art in new directions. Join me at Art Lab Studios & Gallery in Parrsboro, NS this June, 14, 15, 16, 2024. See the full details here.

Have you ever stared at a blank canvas and wondered where to start? You’re not alone! Join me at Art Lab Studios for 3 days of exploration and experimentation that will give you the tools to break free from habits that stifle your creative flow. Discover the freedom and courage to do something extraordinary: Believe in yourself and trust your creative impulse.

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