"rock hopping at the ocean" painting

Release, Transform, Renew

Spring has arrived and with it a sense of renewal and hope. That’s what I’m supposed to tell you, right? I want to spread joyful thoughts, I want to be optimistic, but I think I’m probably not alone in feeling this undercurrent of anxiety. Just when we thought we were turning the corner, here we …

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New Projects Fire Up My Mojo

I’m a task-oriented, project focused person. As much as the process of play in the studio is fun (and infuriatingly frustrating at times), there’s nothing better than working on a project to make the juicy colours flow onto the canvas. It’s like planning a trip; the research that goes into the planning can be as …

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As Seen On TV

From time to time my artwork is rented for TV shows and movie shoots. It’s always fun to imagine someone watching a show and seeing the artwork in the background. The work is rented through a gallery that represents me, then usually returned some time later for sale.  This is painting is one of the …

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Becoming An Artist

How does one become an artist? If you’re not one of those who went to art school and followed the direct line to becoming a famous artist (how many of those exist?), then the journey is probably more convoluted. ​‘Believe in yourself, and already, you have your first accomplishment.’ I was 16 when I wrote …

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When Everything Is Up In The Air

Do you feel like you’re walking on pins and needles, waiting and waiting for the next report, the next directive about what we should and shouldn’t be doing?  Being ‘fluid’ in my approach to making art is a joyful feeling, part of my creative process, but that’s because it is a self-imposed time for exploration, not something …

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