New Projects Fire Up My Mojo

I’m a task-oriented, project focused person. As much as the process of play in the studio is fun (and infuriatingly frustrating at times), there’s nothing better than working on a project to make the juicy colours flow onto the canvas. It’s like planning a trip; the research that goes into the planning can be as satisfying as the actual vacation turns out to be. As they say, ‘it’s the journey, not the destination’, although I’d like to believe that for a split second at least, the final painting project, the culmination of the exhibition pieces displayed together, is at least as satisfying as the journey the process of creating it took me on. 
This has been a perplexing year. I’ve had more time to paint, but because I haven’t had any big exhibitions planned, I haven’t really produced as many new works. I was searching for something to get my ‘Mojo’ back. I turned to oil paints, and night skies. I’m still exploring that. But I need more. I reorganized my studio (again) and bought a really cool new table. I rigged up my own version of an easel that works better for me. I did a series of lessons via video, and then . . . I wondered what was next. 
It looks like my Mojo has finally knocked down the door and burst in to announce that she’s ready for some serious productivity in the studio. So what was it that brought her calling?

I woke up and realized, I’ve got to get moving. I do have exhibitions happening, galleries that want new work, and a 3 day workshop to prepare for. There’s going to be a group show at the Flying Apron with 3 of my favourite people this summer. Gallery 78 needs some new wild water paintings to replace those that have sold. I’ll be doing an exhibition at Art Lab Studios in Parrsboro, NS this June, for which I’ll be developing a new series of abstract works and  teaching the ‘Creating Powerful Abstracts’ in-person 3 day immersive art experience on June 25-26-27. Spaces are still available, so please send me a  message if you have any questions and I’ll tell you all about it. 

There are more things coming down the pipeline, but for now, that’s enough to get me inspired to make beautiful marks in the studio. To see the latest works as they are created, please check in to my website often! ​

Studio Tips & Tricks

Why on earth would I waste left over paint on my palette when I can create this yummy concoction. I gather up all the paint that I’m not using any more and mix it together to create my custom ‘sludge’. I store it in a jar or empty yoghurt container and use it to paint the edges of my paintings for a finished look, or to prime wood or canvas paintings. 

Any Suggestions for Exhibitions? I’d Love to Hear Them!

If you have ideas about workshops for me to give – or attend, exhibition opportunities for me, I’d love to hear your thoughts. That’s the kind of stuff that makes a goal-oriented artist like me flourish and spill paint about. 

Thanks so much for all your interest, love and support. Feel free to pass on this email, or, if it’s been forwarded to you and you’d like to receive updates from time to time, here’s the sign up link
Wishing you good health and creative flow, Always! ​

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