Dan Blasco Comments on Monika’s Art – Now showing at Swoon Fine Art – “Temptation to Fly”

Dan Blasco  My brain is tuned to patterns. I naturally look for patterns. I love patterns. The underlying, but not obvious, patterns in natural phenomena and processes awe me with their harmonious order and perfection. Your art conveys that because it is so subliminal with layers of reality superimposed on each other and interelating with each other in a beautiful composite that captures life on all levels.  I can imagine looking at the painting at a macroscopic level and seeing two continents drifting apart or I can look at it as if I were looking in a microscope and actually see fossils in beautiful Italian marble of birds, reptiles (one even with a tail) etc. I react in a positive way to your art, but not to all other art which I (sometimes) consider to be sterile and dead, even though the artist is technically superb.  All I know is that your art is alive and that it sings. 

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