Xanadu Gallery offers Original Art by Monika Wright

One of the best things about creating art is sharing it with others. Besides the high of the creative process, the meditative, zoned out – or in – process of creating the work, sharing it with the world is why my art exists. 

I believe that art has the ability to transform the way we feel, and thereby, the way we treat one another. When you are happy and inspired, feeling confident and at peace, you’ll want those around you to feel the same. Like attracts like, as they say. 

So I’d like to spread the feeling of unity and hope with the world. Showing my art – and sharing it – at  Xanadu Gallery is one of the ways I’m reaching out to make the world a kinder and more peaceful place to live.  I hope that you’ll  join me in spreading inspiration and beauty by enjoying this art. 

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