Photographs of Life

I have travelled and explored near and far. The familiar and the exotic bring a quality of completeness into my life like the petals of a fading blossom. Lives are lived in beauty, in the sunshine and calm breezes; in the storms and winter winds that howl and bury stems under piles of frozen water. The roots are strong and like the people I have met along the road through life, they will blossom again. These brave and wonderful souls, hearts full of kindness and generosity, have opened my eyes to the wonders and the simple pleasures of life. I experience and live with eyes wide open to the way that other cultures affect my heart and soul and the way the beauty of nature where I live feeds my spirit and gives me peace. My heart aspires to be like the perennial blossom that shares it’s beauty over and over. With my camera, I capture a moment in time, a memory, a fleeting thought or feeling. With an image, I spread the seed.

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