We look upon a new year as a hopeful opportunity. The past is behind us – and many of us gladly slammed the door shut on 2022, stepping into the new year with determination for happier and healthier days ahead. Let’s not forget the gift that each of those days left us though, because out of adversity grows knowledge. The past has brought us to the recognition that we truly want to experience a world where well-being pervades all of humanity, a life in which equality and abundance sweeps across the world, and where we all find fulfillment in our lives. We know  that we have a responsibility to live with intention to actively create that reality. 

I believe that it is part of our nature as conscious, sentient beings to want to contribute to society in meaningful ways. We question the choices we make, seek a sense of meaning and purpose. I recently listened to a short segment by Charles Eisenstein that resonated with me as I questioned my own purpose and why I make art.  I’ll paraphrase: ‘Doing the thing that makes you come alive is actually a service to life itself; that which gives you a feeling of life is a gift to others’. It is in bringing positivity and joy into the light, that we contribute to the goodness of life, and that is a worthwhile purpose. It may not be the only purpose, but it’s good to start somewhere (smile).

Making art gives me personal satisfaction. There’s no question there. But If creation ended with me in the studio with my canvas and paint, and just stopped there, it would be void of the energy it needs to come to life. That’s how I feel about my art, that it is a living, flowing bundle of energy that needs to flow like a river to touch other shores . The magic happens when you share your feelings and reactions with me, when I know that I have created something meaningful to others. I am incredibly grateful for the feedback you give me and the exchange of ideas we share. Please, feel free to reach out to me any time with your thoughts and questions.

To those of you who know me, and my art, who kindly follow my journey on Facebook and Instagram or check in on my Website from time to time to see what’s new, to those who come visit my studio or the galleries that represent me, I want you to know that it is that interaction that gives my art – and my life – meaning. The fact that I can impact your life in thoughtful and uplifting ways, gives my creations purpose. Thank you for all your encouragement, comments and collection of my artwork. 

Wishing you fulfillment and joy in your life – Always!   

A New Ethereal Series

I’m returning to a series of ethereal artworks I began some time ago. For some reason, I find the minimalist artworks the most challenging to create. Focusing on the essentials of emotion and balance, the composition has to speak for itself. Contrary to what you might think, one of the hardest things for an artists is to walk away from a work with something left ‘undone’, a thought, a dab of colour, an emotion left unstated, yet it is that mystery that creates interest and interaction. Knowing when to stop, accepting the illusory imperfection and leaving space for the viewer to play with is hard! It’s my challenge this year, to create a larger body of work with that in mind. Here are a few to give you an idea of what I’m up to. I’d love to hear what you think! 


I haven’t scheduled any workshops this year, but if you have a small group that’s interested, feel free to reach out and let’s see if we can arrange a special session in my fabulous studio. I’ve done 2 and 3 day workshops here and they’ve been so much fun and a great learning experience. 

Reaching Out!

As always, you can find my art online on my website and I’m happy to ship world wide; come visit my studio in Halifax, Nova Scotia; visit galleries in Halifax, NS -14 Bells Fine Art Gallery, Fredericton, NB – Gallery 78, and in Mississauga, ON – Crescent Hill Gallery. Contact me any time if you have questions or suggestions.  And if someone has forwarded this to you, You can subscribe for occasional Updates about my Art, Exhibitions and Workshops

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