Beauty is an experience. That which one person finds exquisite may not have the same effect on another, but therein we find a certainty: Beauty does have an effect on us. When our senses are fully engaged to recognize beauty, we are transformed on every level of our being:  physical, emotional, spiritual. We are most fully alive in that moment. 

Let me ask you, can you watch a spectacular sunset without being awed by its splendour?  No matter how many times we have we seen the sun dance on the horizon, we are in still amazed. Colours soothe or excite us, as does music and movement. William Congreve said, “Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast. To soften rocks, or bend the knotted oak.” These things of beauty have the power to transport humans and carry us away from suffering, across the bridge to connection. 

A surge of delight and amazement can heal, comfort and change the course of a life. Really. In my humble opinion, it is our universal ability to recognize beauty in our lives that will illuminate the dark corners and bring about a more harmonious life both on a personal and universal level. That’s one of the reasons I create joyfully vibrant, energetic paintings. I want to inspire a positive flow of energy in our world, one little painting at a time. 

I’d love to hear what makes you stand in awe. What do you find beautiful? As Plato mused, what causes your ‘soul to grow wings’? 

BRAND NEW ART – It’s Available Now!


IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN! June 17-19 at  ART LAB STUDIOS in Parrsboro, Nova Scotia.

This 3-day workshop will focus on two techniques; the multi-layered abstract, and the mixed media art resin work. Ideally, some experience with acrylic painting would help you to follow along in the workshop.

We will concentrate on the process of creating the multi-layered, 3 dimensional effect that Monika achieves in her abstract paintings by focusing on layering techniques using colour and composition that enhance your painting. Critiques and analysis will help you solve problem areas and create more striking and distinctive works of art.

You also learn to create mixed media resin art works that add an extra dimension of texture and vibrancy to your creation.

Come prepared for an inspirational, fun and educational weekend. You’ll be delighted with the masterpieces you’ll create!


REGISTRATION:  [email protected]

Or if you have any questions, reach out to me by EMAIL:  [email protected]

Wishing you days filled with calm moments, inspiration, adventure, and the joy of sharing life on our beautiful planet. To receive occasional newsletter updates, please subscribe.

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